Thursday, July 25, 2013

One more step

It's not gonna be as easy as I am right now, 45days away from home alone out in that Alien's world will be hard but it's a step which I chose to walk. The dream I have been dreaming of, experience it once I have chance. The worries keep flying around my head since before I decided to go, what my Zee will be without seeing my face this long? What about the whole house? Bee n Lok bong is not big worry since I'm sure they can cope the life without me but Zee, I'm gonna miss her damn much. Anyway the result will be out on the 8th August so let's see if those concerns keep arising.

Friday, June 22, 2012

11th Wedding anniversary

From morning till evening all about Zee, Mom gave me a visit in the late afternoon but i didn't really have much time chit chatting with her cos you know Zee won't leave me a choice of having my private mother daughter time she was never stop messing the house up i'm kinda moody and tired from the sleepless night a plus. My stomach seems don't give me a break though not a diarrhea but i didn't feel good. Anyhow the dinner had been booked so time for dress up.

Lucky i got Mak Mom to babysit Zee also help with the hair do, i believe i looked not so bad :).
Bee went back and fourth while we were doing some works on my face and hair then she came with a bunch of 11 red roses surrounded by white roses and lilies!! oh how beautiful!! Thank you for never forget what i always ask for, i know right? i just don't wanna spare a chance of give him chance of he got me without reminding him hehe. Well not this time cos i didn't ask for anything i just wanna a nice dinner, and thank you for the flowers honey.

We left for the dinner and leave a space for Mak mom to bring Zee to mom's house and waiting for me, lok bong and Bong Bee cos lok bong got me cake after he'd been told that  i didn't get to ordered any cake this year. We decided to have it cut at Mom's house after dinner.
We arrived at Topaz, cos Bee was the one who asked for a elegant dinner for this special day. To avoid the last horrible experienced here i got the food ordered hopefully it turn out a lot better. The waitress took us to a nice table setting with the reserved tag on top. How nice!! thanks Lina for the help, heart shape pink roses  and three candles lighted after we all were sited. i love the ambiance. We enjoyed the meal such a relief neh!! i got a glass of red wine and it got me tipsy already hahaha weird!!

We heading Mom's house after we checked the bill Oops i meant lok bong :D cos i asked him in advance of me not to pay cos you know i'm totally broke. We had the cake ruined by Zee since before we finished blowing the candle haha she seem so starve and interested in anything she can eat not rice of course. Oh yeah i forgot i got $bills from mama, she knows i need it :D, Thank you mama :*.
We watched dvd and vcd of our gift contribution to intelligents students this and last year which we never find a time to watch haha.

enjoy some of the shot we got here:
 a kiss for pretty bunch hehe
 a romantic table setting
 Me being in style lolz actually i was not ready yet :D
 My one and only Bee enjoying her New York Strip Mixed with wild mushroom sauce, Topaz Mashed potato, Sautéed garlic green beans and her all time favorite french fries. 
 Break and very nice putting butter Khmer marble as a bowl
 NiÇoise salads
 Baked Burgundy snails parsley butter, Lobster Bisque and USA Rib Eye steak with preen peppercorn sauce, Man!! i forgot to take our dessert Soufflé with grand marnier
 The card from my Bee and cake from hubby.
 Me and Bee posing hehe
 trying to in style haha
 Bee got me this cool shot which is called bokeh sth hah mak Mom? lolz
 Mr. Hubby after he's done with his big meal

Cake time with mama hehe and Mr. Bav and madame who got us this shot lolz

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Being a field researcher

Been told it's a tiring work, still wanna try for some reasons like moving from bottom if we wanna be on top, experience better than heard, fulfill my responsibilities at work hehe and yeah i did it. Spent two weeks for the data collection excluded the training and pilot study. Under direct sunlight, traveled by moto  r bike and car ( in phnom penh) and tuk tuk (in Siem reab) meeting many street children who work as trash collectors, beggars, flowers sellers, snack sellers and many more. All from a very poor family who some of the parents divorced and all are uneducated. Poverty low educated and domestic violent have pushed them to be a street living and street working children.
I had interviewed 26 street working and street living children with questionnaires and one in-depth interview with street living children in phnom penh while i had done 15 children and one in-depth interview with a social worker from Kalyan Mit NGO in siem reab.
The data collection in phnom penh gave me really exhausted feeling and a hard time dealing with a UN officer who i had a flight last time during my SPSS training, not just me but every government officers who had given a dump feeling by that guy.
Siem reab mission gave me difficulty time dealing with a co-worker (research coordinator who 24 hours phone live with the guy from UN i mentioned above) i got many complains which i already report to my boss as well as UN's survey project manager :P. I know i know i am a nasty one but don't wanna looked as a dump government officer as they really feel.
alright, knock it off. and here are some pic i had capture during the data collection process.

 meeting before start the pilot data collection in phnom penh
 My most of the time visitor pass to UN hehe lucky number eh? 
 the kids who we caught along the way to be our respondents 
 working children in Olympic Market 

Checked out Ankor WAt first time we arrived in Siem Reab, me my friend Neth and my very personal driver haha
 the face expression caused by the heat and dusts lolz in Siem Reab 
 Spare night time at Ankorwat, Pubstreet and here what we had :D Magic Melon in a bucket

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Still wanna be pampered as baby

I know it's too much to ask for that, what to do when the real feeling asking for it? sigh...guess i'm too tired with kids and home stuffs, don't have much time for my work at the same time cough almost kills me alive. My stomach bothers me till i can't sleep while i got chance to sleep since noon till now..... doubt if anyone ever cares to ask? help? no, i mean yeah they care but how much they can help? i'm suppose not to be a selfish one. Everyone has their own responsibilities.... I'm trying my best to cope with the fact and i know i can do a lot better with everything but when my body is really weak, crying is the only way to do. So let me cry myself a river. I wish i'm a kid can cry without exact reason no one ever care to find out the reason why....but i can't. Well yeah what i should do now is sleep....tons of things to do tomorrow.....let call it a day a not preferable day.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Well I think I'm strong maybe not I mean I have to be strong and fight with everything abstracting my life journey and yes I'm doing it but who knows deep down in my heart the pain is still up, trying to use brain rather than heart and here it is, hidden from people sobbing under the blanket. That's so lame... I'm sorry Nina I'm trying my best already...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

buck my head my heart my mind

I always think i am ready for that but keep bumping my chest to hear it. gotta fight with it though  no matter what the out come is positive or negative gotta find out and keep it as an evident for well i don for what exact purpose. Sigh 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fwd: Bong Bee help with the candle blowing

Bee helps with the candle blowing while Zee scared of the noise